Snapchat Planets in Order

Snapchat Planets in Order

Every platform is introducing a premium subscription that is chargeable. These subscriptions give their paid users certain exclusive privileges. Snapchat has also made available its Snapchat+ version with Snapchat planets, which comes with a fee, following in the footsteps of similar social media networks.

Certain features in this Snapchat+ pack are only accessible to its paying subscribers. The snap planets are one such function. It compares your friends to planets and ranks them according to how frequently you message them. Read more to know in detail about Snapchat Planets:

What is Snapchat Plus?

A premium subscription called Snapchat+ gives users access to a number of extra features. To use Snapchat Plus and its extra features, users must pay a monthly subscription fee. One of Snapchat+’s more exciting features is the ability to change the app’s icon, see who has watched your story again, and designate particular people as BFFs.

Now Snapchat has introduced its snapchat planet order for its Snapchat+ subscribers. It should be noted that, that the monthly membership does not remove advertising, and you still have to put up with them.

Snapchat Planet Order Meaning

When you tap on the badge on Snapchat, each planet stands for a different position on their list of Best Friends. Your closest friend will be highlighted in the snapchat planets order on Snapchat Plus.

By clicking on the “Best Friends” or “Friends” badges with the gold border, users can access this feature. As a Snapchat Plus subscriber, you will see a gold ring around the ‘Best Friends’ or ‘Friends’ badge on another Snapchat user’s friendship profile.

When you refer them as “best friends,” you are their closest friends. However, when you refer to them as “friends,” you are among their eight closest friends but not in top among yours in the snapchat planet list. You are their third closest friend if the Sun is their friend and you are the Earth.

Snapchat Plus Planet order

Your level of friendship is reflected in the snap planet order. Keep in mind that Bitmoji requires linking from both of your closest friends in order for it to function. Both must be among each other’s top eight friends in order to be best buddies. You will be merely present as friends if one of you isn’t.

The eight of your closest friends are then ranked from nearest to farthest away by the Snapchat+ planets using the solar system. Click on “Best Friend” to see your ranking, then they will show up as the Sun and you as a planet. The closest best friend of that person is you if you are Mercury. Each planet is represented by a different Bitmoji.

Mercury: Mercury is the planet that is closest to the Sun, and in snapchat solar system order, planet bimoji therefore appears in front of the person that you have shared the most streaks with. He is regarded as your closest best friend as well. A “Pink planet” is its indicator with red heart.

Venus: Venus is the next planet in the snapchat planets in order. The friend username that is mentioned is your second-closest friend, and it indicates the individual with whom you have shared the second-most streaks. A “Beige planet with blue, yellow and pink hearts” Will be its symbol

Earth: On Snapchat, Earth describes the user as their third-closest buddy. “Green and blue planet with red hearts and the moon” is how it is pictured.

Mars: Mars is the following planet, which stands for the fourth closest friend in the snap planets in order. It has “Blue heart” as its symbol with blue heart.

Jupiter: The fifth planet, Jupiter, is displayed on Snapchat as your fifth-closest friend, apparently. An “orange planet without hearts” is used to portray it.

Saturn: Saturn is the sixth-closest buddy in snapchat plus planet order and is symbolized by a “yellow planet with a ring.”

Uranus: The bitmoji next to Uranus, which is the seventh planet in the solar system, refers to the seventh-closest buddy. This bitmoji would be shown in “green planet without hearts.”

Neptune: As the eighth planet in the solar system, Neptune displays your eight closest Snapchat friends. A “Blue planet with no hearts” is used to depict this planet.


Get Snapchat Plus if you want snapchat best friends list planets and other premium features. It will let you customize the Snapchat experience with many extra features, including Snapchat planets. If you want to try a free trial, there is a 7-day free trial option, so you can decide whether to use it or not.

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