Protection PPF AutoFilms Geneve

Protection PPF AutoFilms Geneve

Protection PPF AutoFilms Geneve
PAINT PROTECTION FILMS-PPFProtect your car with our world-class STEK protective films. Protection against stones, insects, tar, gasoline… The bodywork protection film makes most of the micro-scratches caused by stones and gravel invisible. Thanks to self-cleaning technology, this protective film allows your car to stay like new for longer. Not subject to sun fading, yellowing and peeling. The thickness of the protective films is of the order of several tenths of a millimeter, which compared to a ceramic treatment is 100 times greater. It has a 10-year warranty. Protective films can be removed as easily as they are applied. removing them does not damage the paint and it is entirely possible to put a new one back when the old one is worn out.

Ppf offers you the solution against scratches, rock chips, etc.Scratches on your car, stone chips, tree resin, acids, salts, scratches, burns from bird droppings, etc. There’s no escaping it, is there?

After extensive research and years of experience in the paint protection film business,  AutoFilms  offers the most advanced paint protection films available on the market today.

STEK, XPEL, LLUMAR and SUNTEK offer the best clarity, self-healing ability, puncture resistance and stain resistance.

Protection PPF AutoFilms Geneve

Paint Protection Film, abbreviated PPF is a 100% transparent and self-healing protective film which is applied to the paint surface with the aim of: HIGH QUALITY PROTECTION.

The film is transparent or colored and is applied to the paint surface and interior panels.

Paint protection film is available for the exterior and interior of your car!

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