Bendix King 18049-0002 Synchro Transmitter Unveiling the Performance

Bendix King 18049-0002 Synchro Transmitter: Unveiling the Performance

If you’re looking for reliable speed information for your aircraft, a synchro transmitter is undoubtedly the equipment you need. Bendix King 18049-0002 is one such synchro transmitter that can accurately calculate speed, angle, and position of your aircraft. It features robust quality and high accuracy to ensure maximum performance with an easy-to-read display. In this blog post, we will explore the features, benefits, and advantages of Bendix King 18049-0002 in detail.

What is the Bendix King 18049-0002 Synchro Transmitter?

Living up to its reputation as a prominent manufacturer of aircraft equipment, Bendix King 18049-0002 is a popular synchro transmitter model that offers accurate digital readouts of critical aircraft parameters such as speed, location, and angle. The equipment is rugged and built to withstand harsh conditions, which is ideal for use in all types of aircraft.


The Bendix King 18049-0002 synchro transmitter boasts several features that make it a favorite among pilots. Its 4-inch display is backlit, making it easy to read in low-light situations. The device can also be tailored to display the aircraft-specific parameters you require for your flight. Besides, the Bendix King 18049-0002 synchro transmitter can operate from 60 °C to 100 °C, making it reliable in different environments.


The Bendix King 18049-0002 synchro transmitter offers several benefits to pilots. First and foremost, its precision and reliability make it easier to keep aircraft within specific speed limits, ensuring compliance with local airline regulations. Additionally, the device is easy to install in a cockpit, allowing a pilot to configure it quickly for the parameters needed.

Maintenance and Repair

As you plan to buy a synchro transmitter for your aircraft, you must also be informed about maintenance and repairs. When properly installed, the Bendix King 18049-0002 synchro transmitter does not require maintenance work. If you need to repair or replace the device, Bentix King has technical support to assist with this.

Cost of Bendix King 18049-0002 Synchro Transmitter

Pilots always look for the best equipment at a reasonable price. The Bendix King 18049-0002 synchro transmitter is relatively affordable, making it a popular choice in the market. Purchasing equipment comes down to individual requirements, with this compact device providing great value for money.


To wrap it up, a synchro transmitter is a vital component if you’re looking for speed and positional data for your aircraft. The Bendix King 18049-0002 synchro transmitter is a leading model that offers remarkable accuracy, reliability, and compatibility with various aircraft.

Its robustness and ease of use make it a popular choice among pilots. Maintenance of the device is minimal, making it a cost-effective choice. If you’re shopping for a quality synchro transmitter, Bendix King 18049-0002 is an excellent choice that you cannot go wrong with.

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